Turn social platforms into governable spaces

Gamers: Form groups, make decisions your way

Modpol enables online communities to design their own governance structures by assembling modules—choosing from existing ones or creating your own.

Play the Minetest demo server, or download the Minetest mod at ContentDB.

Developers: Adapt our code to your platform

Modpol is written in Lua, and it can be adapted to any platform that uses Lua as an extension language.

Explore the code, docs, and wiki at GitLab.

Visionaries: Shape the future of online governance

Modpol implements a framework called “modular politics,” a vision for creative, evolutionary systems for online self-governance. It challenges the widespread the tendency for “implicit feudalism,” the top-down power structures that are the norm in online spaces.

Read more at Hackernoon.

Get in touch

Modpol is a project of the Media Economies Design Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder, in collaboration with the Metagovernance Project.

Find us via email or Matrix.